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last update 2008-08-26



Live-demo about visual positioning

Hyperlinking reality via camera phones.
Hyperlinking reality
Mpg-Video (35,2 MB)

Context aware object detection

These videos show the priors for pedestrian occurrence for short sequences captured in Ljubljana center. Each video shows the input frame, the feature maps for geometry and texture, and priors based on geometry, on texture and on both feature maps.

context rotation
context rotation
Mpg-Video (15,8 MB)

context copova
context copova
Mpg-Video (28,6 MB)

CHI 2008

Florenz, Mobvis-Presentation
chi 2008
Mpg-Video (29,8 MB)




D2.1 Report on specification of scenarios and demonstrator
D2.2 Selection and outline of mobile devices and infrastructure
D2.3 Report on representations, system architecture, SW/HW interfaces, and standardisation efforts. 

Object and Event Awareness

D3.1 A software prototype and a report on multi-modal event recognition.
D3.2 A software prototype and evaluation report on global and local informative features.
D3.3 A software prototype and report on 3D information recovery.
D3.4.1 A software prototype and report for geo-referenced (landmark, buildings, and infrastructure) recognition.

Context Awareness

D4.1     Report on related work on context awareness and ontologies of knowledge representations and submission of review paper to related conferences.
D4.2     Software prototype and evaluation report on multi-modal fusion and context state description.
D4.3.1 Early software prototype and report on spatio-temporal context and contextual cueing

Intelligent Maps

D5.1.1 Specification of intelligent map representations and report
D5.1.2 Geo-information database for sample urban scenarios and report
D5.2     Software prototype and report on geo-services

Attentive Interface

D6.1.1 Specification of attentive interface.

Demonstrator and Dissemination

D7.1      Software and report on mobile solutions for advanced vision tasks, partially available on the project website.
D7.2.1 A software prototype and evaluation report on first proto-demonstrator
D7.3.1   Project web site and discussion forum.
D7.3.3   Report on the dissemination and standardisation activities.



folder (682 KB)



LUIS34, Ljubljana Urban Image Data Set

DUIS131, Darmstadt Urban Image Data Set

GUIS, Graz Urban Image Data Set

TSG-20, is an image database containing real world images of touristic sights in Graz, Austria.